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Part 7

Rays of light peeked through the curtains that blocked the windows and brought the light of a new morning into the hotel room occupied by the world’s greatest living actress. What was hidden in darkness the night before was now very literally brought to light. Wet clothes were scattered across the floor of the bedroom, a battlefield of remains left by the passionate storm that engulfed the room the night before. The duvet was just barely hanging onto the corner of the bed, half of it lying in a pile on the floor. A stray pillow, which had surely been thrown out of someone’s way, was sitting in the doorway of the bathroom. Everything about the room spoke chaos, except for the two calm and sleeping bodies lying in the middle of the king sized bed, wrapped around each other as if they were one, and the only thing covering their naked bodies, their sin, a thin white sheet.

He was the first to wake up late that morning, just as he had been the last to fall asleep after that night. The night. Their night. They had done the deed and they had done it several times late into the night. All of their pent up passion and lust had been released. It was the night that seemed to have lasted forever, a night he himself wished could last forever. She had fallen soundly asleep lying on top of him, her head against his broad chest and her beautiful golden locks spread out over him. He couldn’t bring himself to sleep, no matter how exhausted he had been. He watched her and held her. He wasn’t sure if this was a onetime thing or something more to her but he wanted to stay awake as long as he could and savor the moment, just in case. Keep the picture of her cuddled up against him fresh in his mind, even though it was something he knew he would never forget. When he woke up that morning, he didn’t know if last night had been real or not. It seemed way too good to be true, but he realized that he was in her room, and the warm body next to him reminded him that it had been a sweet reality. A dream come true.

She dreamt that night. It was a vivid dream, probably the most vivid dream she had ever had. Pierce Brosnan had taken her to bed, in her own hotel room. What a hell of a dream that had been. God, her friends would get a kick out of that. But her husband probably wouldn’t like it if he knew she was dreaming about other men, especially if he knew she was dreaming about sleeping with them. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? She opened her eyes, smiling to herself at her thoughts. She didn’t know what time it was but she felt like she had been sleeping for ages. Her body was sore. Maybe she had slept in the same position for too long? That was probably it. She was just about to close her eyes again when she realized something. Something was pushed up against her back. Whatever it was, it was keeping her quite warm despite the fact that she was wearing no clothes and only a thin sheet covering her. Wait, no clothes? And not only that, but something was slung over her body, a similar feeling to when Don would cuddle up against her at night and sling his arm around her. She slowly moved her eyes down to see what it was. An arm. No way… She slowly turned around and was greeted by piercing blue eyes. Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, dear God what have I done? She knew what she did. She had done him. It hadn’t been a dream at all, no wonder it had been so vivid, so real.
“Good morning, beautiful” his voice snapped her out of her thoughts, his sexy voice with an audible hint of Irish accent. It was to die for. She looked at him for a moment, taking him in. His hair was a mess but it was a hot mess. She wanted to jump on him right then. How was it that he was still so gorgeous, even in the morning after a night of wonderful, amazing, passionate sex?
“Hey…” she whispered to him and bit her lip. Too many emotions were running through her head. She had cheated on Don. And she had thought a simple dream about sleeping with Pierce would break his heart, well the real thing would surely tear him to pieces if he ever found out. She wondered if Pierce felt as shitty as she did. He didn’t look like it. He looked like he hit the lottery. How could he be so happy after what they had done? He had a wife and kids too, surely he felt guilty of the betrayal they had just done to them.
Pierce watched her; he knew she was thinking because she wasn’t saying anything. She was looking at him but she was somewhere else. He knew what she was thinking about. Of course. She feels like shit for sleeping with me, she’s going to say it was a mistake and it will never happen again. She’ll want to forget. Her conscious is going to get the best of her. He felt pretty shitty on the inside too, when he really thought about it. He had cheated on his wife. The woman who had brought him back from a terrible place after his first wife had passed away. The woman who had given him a new reason to live. The woman who had given him two amazing little sons. Of course he felt guilty. Keeley didn’t deserve this and neither did his kids. But he couldn’t help it, as pathetic as it would sound. He liked Meryl. He always had, but meeting her was something else. There was something about her, something about them. They had clicked right away and were practically inseparable throughout each day of filming so far. There was a spark in the air between them whenever they were together, just waiting to be ignited. A kiss or even a simple look into the other’s eyes could set it off, easily. Last night it erupted, it burst out of them and quite frankly, he was glad it happened.
“Mer..?” he looked at her with desperate eyes. She looked up at him, her eyes said it all. She was falling apart.
“What did we do? Do you have any idea what we’ve done?” she spoke, no emotion in her voice.
“I know… But-”
“No, I don’t think you do. You look happy for some reason, like this is a blessing or something. No. This is terrible. We’ve fucked up, big time. This is the opposite of a blessing; this is a huge fucking sin. We slept with each other, and we’re married to other people. How can we live with ourselves now? How could we have been so stupid? Shit, we’re going to hell for this!” She had gotten up out of the bed and thrown on her robe, now pacing back and forth next to the bed as her emotions overcame her.
“Meryl, please, listen to me.” He was trying to calm her down but she wouldn’t let him speak.
“I don’t know what made this happen. Lust, loneliness, I don’t know. I guess that would make sense. Yeah, I’m sure it was just lust. And being all the way out here in Greece without sex for weeks probably just drove us over the edge.” She was trying to justify it to herself in some way, but she didn’t know how badly her words were hurting him. “I think you should go Pierce, please, for me. I need to be alone.” She looked at him with cold eyes. He couldn’t believe it. How could she stand there and try to tell him that loneliness and lust were the sole causes for what had happened last night? There was something there between them and he knew that she felt it too. Why was she ignoring it? Why was she trying to brush this off like it was nothing, some stupid mistake? He got up and quickly put on his clothes as he found them littered all across the floor. He wanted to stay here with her and cuddle with her all day, more than anything. But apparently this meant nothing to her, and maybe he had been stupid to think that Meryl Streep, married for nearly thirty years, could have some type of deep feelings for him. She followed behind him as he left the bedroom and walked to the door of the hotel room to leave. He put his hand on the door handle and turned around. He couldn’t leave without telling her how he felt.
“Don’t you ever try and tell me that lust made me do what I did last night. You’re not me, you have no idea how I feel. Maybe it was just lust for you but it sure as hell wasn’t for me. There is something between us, Meryl. I’ve felt it since the day I met you. I know you’ve felt it too. I don’t think you’re the kind of person that would act solely on desire.” He searched her eyes for something, anything, but he was getting nothing. What had happened to the Meryl he had grown close to over the past couple of weeks? “Okay, take your time and think about everything. I’m sorry I’ve caused you so much grief. When you’ve calmed down and figured things out…” he pulled a spare room key out of his pocket and placed it on the small table by the door. “…You know where to find me. If you come, I’ll know that you don’t regret last night. I’ll know that this wasn’t just some stupid mistake to you. I’ll know that you feel what I feel. If you don’t, then I will try to leave you alone, if that’s what you want. Goodbye, Mary Lou.”

Part 6

It was a dark and stormy night in Greece. Thunder rumbled in the distance and the wind howled loud enough for them to hear from her room where they lay in the arms of one another. Lightning flashed frequently through the window, casting the shadow of their entwined bodies on the wall across the room. The storm could have been described as crazy, but then again, so could the both of their lives at this moment; a moment that changed their lives forever.

Filming was well under way and Meryl had never felt so busy yet so free spirited in her life. Earlier that day she had worked with Julie and Christine filming ‘Dancing Queen’, one of her favorite numbers of the movie. When she had free time, she was exhausted, but whatever free time she had was being spent with a certain Irish co-star of hers.
They had been on the beautiful Greek island of Skopelos for a little over a week and they were growing closer each day. They would have lunch or they would have dinner together; sometimes even both if the whole cast wasn’t getting together. He would take her down to the beach and they would lie in the sand, talking about anything and everything for hours. She didn’t know it then, but she was becoming attached to him, in a way. She found that she loved talking to him and she loved the way he would listen to everything. She could tell him things that she couldn’t and hadn’t ever told Don or her kids or any of her closest friends. He always knew when and how to make her laugh. He had this sort of calming presence, where all of her worries went away when she was with him, and it was like they were the only two people on the planet when they were together…

Pierce had soon noticed that his thoughts were plagued by her, day and night; from the moment he woke up in the morning for shooting until the moment he shut his eyes at night and drifted off to sleep. He had already accepted that he had strong feelings for her; feelings which he hadn’t felt in a long time, not since his first wife had passed away nearly 16 years ago. This was something he had never felt with Keeley. It was like Meryl was an angel sent to fill the void in his life, in his heart, that was created and had been paining him ever since he lost Cassie. He knew there was something special between them, and he wasn’t going to let it go, even if the circumstances weren’t in his favor with them both being married. He wanted her, and after noticing little things over the past week like when she held his hand anytime they walked somewhere together and the fact that she was spending so much time with him, he knew there was a possibility that she wanted him too.

Pierce and the guys had come to watch them film the scene from Dancing Queen, where they all jumped into the water. He loved watching her do what she was best at. She was an amazing actress and anyone who watched her was simply in awe by the charisma she brought to the camera. He was mesmerized by the way she danced and how her body moved. Her singing was out of this world. And then she jumped off the pier into the water below. God, she was so sexy. He wanted to dive into the water after her but he couldn’t, so he sat there and watched her emerge, soaking wet. She got out of the water, her assistant wrapped a towel around her and she was whisked away toward her trailer. It was evening by this time, and Pierce decided he would go to her trailer and see if she wanted to do something. Dinner, go to the beach, talk, anything. He just wanted to be around her. He nervously walked up the steps to the door of her trailer and lightly knocked. Seconds later she opened the door, smiling when she realized it was him, and let him inside. He looked around the room, taking in everything. It was very tidy compared to his messy trailer. Not a piece of clothing out of place, no trash anywhere. And it smelled like her. The scent of her perfume flooded the whole room and he felt like he was in a dream. He was, for a few moments, in a daze but the sound of her giggling snapped him out of it and looked over at her with a smirk on his face. “Are you laughing at me, Streep? That’s not nice.” He playfully shook his head and sat down on the small couch in the center of the room. She walked over toward him and sat down next to him, drying her hair with a small towel as it was still wet from the shoot.
“Well you looked like you were day dreaming and it was quite funny. I laugh at you all the time anyways so you should be used to it by now” she giggled as he made a sad face and she patted his back. “Poor, poor Pierce” she teased and got up to walk toward the small bathroom to brush her hair. Pierce turned his head trying to get a glimpse of her; he could see the back of her head, her gorgeous blonde hair as she carefully brushed it out.
“So ummm... I was wondering if you wanted to go do something... Maybe go down to the beach?” he asked nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. She turned around from where she was standing in the bathroom to look at him and she smiled. God, that adorable smile…
“I think Phyllida said it’s supposed to storm soon” she turned back around and continued managing her hair. She was tickled on the inside that he had come all the way over to her trailer to ask her to do something with him. It was adorable. She loved spending time with him more than anything.
“Well…” he got up from the couch to peek out the window at the sky. Dark clouds could be seen far off in the distance, way out over the sea, but they wouldn’t be causing any problems for at least an hour or two. “I guess we’d better hurry then.” She smiled and put her brush down, running to the closet for a change of clothes and shut herself in the bathroom. She was still wearing her wet clothes from the scene on the pier and didn’t want to go out with him like that. Pierce laughed to himself at her sudden change in speed. She obviously wanted to go to do something with him as much as he wanted to do something with her. She came out just seconds later, dry and wearing a light pink summer dress, her long blonde hair down and resting on her back and shoulders. She was so beautiful, too beautiful to not let her know. “You’re beautiful” he smiled at her and she blushed. She thought he was crazy, thinking she looked beautiful when all she did was brush out her hair and throw on a dress. But she loved it. She truly did feel beautiful when she was with him. She thanked him and took his hand in hers as she seemed to do a lot lately, and walked out of the trailer down toward the beautiful beach.

It was warm outside and very humid, but there was also a cool breeze coming in, no doubt from the coming storm. They sat in the sand as they usually did when they came here together, side by side, looking at the water and watching the small waves crash onto the shore. The sun was setting and rays of orange light could be seen through the small breaks in the dark clouds ahead. Meryl kicked off her sandals and rested her head against Pierce’s shoulder, taking in the sight in front of her and just thinking to herself. That was something great about the two of them; they could sit together without saying anything and it was relaxing for them both, not awkward. She thought about Don and her kids back at home. She thought about how she missed them. She thought about Pierce and how happy he made her just by being around him. How sexy he was and how sweet he was to her. She liked him a lot, and it scared her. She was married, she had been for nearly 30 years and she was having feelings for a man that wasn’t her husband. She knew it was wrong but it wasn’t something she could control. She had tried to ignore it but it didn’t make her feelings go away. They had great chemistry and a connection that she had never had with anyone before. She felt guilty by all of this, but part of her didn’t care. Part of her was telling her to let go and have fun. She lifted her head from his shoulder so she could look at him. His hair, his eyes; everything about him was just gorgeous. She stared at his lips, remembering how they had felt against hers and how sweet they had tasted that night in London. She wanted to feel them again, and not just in front of the camera for the upcoming scenes they had. She sighed out loud and looked back toward the sea. The water looked inviting and she was feeling spontaneous.
“Let’s go swimming” she turned and looked at him, her face serious. Pierce looked at her and laughed.
“You can’t be serious, right? That storm is coming.” He chuckled and she frowned.
“I want to go swimming.” Pierce saw that she was serious, so he started to take off his shoes.
“Whatever the lady wants” he winked at her and unbuttoned his crisp white shirt, tossing it in the sand and stood up. Meryl couldn’t believe he was actually going to do this because she wanted to. She couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he was, standing there shirtless, ready to swim in his grey trousers. She stood up and suddenly took off running toward the water.
“Last one there is a loser!” she called back to him. Damn her, she was so adorable. He ran after her, desperately trying to catch up. She had already stepped into the water and was walking in deeper, still wearing her summer dress. She was knee deep when he caught up to her and picked her up in his arms. She screamed and giggled, fighting to get out of his grip as he ran with her in his arms deeper into the water until their bodies were completely submerged. He let go of her and she turned to face him, wading in the water and splashed him. She giggled and he wiped the water off of his face.
“What did I do to you?!” he laughed and splashed her back. They had a splashing war like two children with a crush on each other, however, Meryl was winning. Pierce couldn’t take much of being splashed in the face every time he opened his eyes so he ducked under the water and disappeared from her sight. She looked down at the water in every direction looking for some sign of him and was taken by surprise as he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up with him, poking his head out of the water. She couldn’t stop screaming and laughing, she hadn’t had this much fun with someone in such a long time.
“You scared the shit out of me!!” she laughed.
“Payback’s a bitch” he shrugged and smirked at her, still holding her by her waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours but were only minutes. They looked in each others’ eyes and Pierce wanted to kiss her so badly. He had never wanted to kiss someone this badly as he did in that very moment. He ran his fingers through her long blonde hair which he admired so much and stared at her perfect lips. Meryl knew what was about to happen, but this time she was ready for it, and she was welcoming it. His face inched closer to hers, until their lips finally met for the second time. They savored the taste of the other’s lips. Pierce took control, running his tongue over her bottom lip which made her melt even more in his arms. He gently pushed his tongue in her mouth and she welcomed it with her own. It was quite possibly the best kiss either of them had ever had, and it was regrettably interrupted by the loud booming of thunder above them. Meryl was the one to break off the kiss as she looked up at the sky. How had the clouds gotten so close, so fast? It hadn’t seemed like they’d been there that long. Pierce closed his eyes, trying to recover from the kiss. Bolts of lightning flashed one after the other in the distance and they both knew they needed to get inside. He grabbed her hand and swam for the shore with her, running once they could touch the sand. She grabbed her sandals and he his shirt and shoes and they took off running together, giggling like teenagers, toward the hotel.

They made it to the hotel right before the storm hit. They were soaking wet from their dip in the sea but neither of them cared as they kissed hungrily in the elevator on the way up to Meryl’s floor. Pierce couldn’t believe it was happening. He wanted her and she wanted him, it was a dream come true. They finally arrived to her floor and Meryl took his hand, running for the door to her room. He was hoping she would want him to come inside with her, and he was pleased as she grabbed him by the belt and pulled him into her room, shutting the door behind them. Meryl was extremely nervous but she wanted him, and she wanted him now. He pulled her against his chest and started kissing her, running his hands down her back. She ran her fingers over his hairy chest and moaned in their kiss. She started to lead him toward the bedroom, without breaking their kiss, and once they were inside he pulled away (much to her frustration) and looked into her eyes.
“Are you sure about this?” he asked as he ran his fingers through her hair. He didn’t want to do something that she would regret later. She nodded in reply. She wanted this more than anything. Pierce was relieved by her answer and started kissing her neck, pulling her dress off of her perfect body. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his lips on her skin. Once her dress was off, he gently pushed her down onto the middle of the bed, hovering over her. He started with her neck once more and trailed kisses down over her chest, her stomach, her legs; every inch of her body in case he wouldn’t get the chance to do this again. He kissed her thighs and slowly pulled her panties down. Meryl was in bliss and torture all at the same time, and she could feel him growing in his pants against her. He reached up to unhook her bra and threw it onto the floor with her dress and her panties. He stopped for a second to take in the sight before him. She was naked and she was gorgeous as hell; more beautiful than he could ever have imagined. He worked his magic on her breasts, flicking his tongue over each nipple and she ran her hands through his hair, gripping it gently. He looked up at her and kissed her on the lips again. She was wet and she was ready for him, and she wanted him NOW. She reached down to undo his belt and desperately tried to pull his trousers down. He smirked at her desperation and helped her pull them off. The only thing separating them now was his Calvin Klein boxers. She looked down and could see the outline of his erection in his boxers, which only made her want him more. He swiftly pulled them off, both of them now exposed to each other. Meryl was nervous that she wouldn’t be good enough for Pierce. His size was also something that she wasn’t used to. She hated to compare them but Pierce was blessed quite a bit more in that area than her husband. She put her fears aside and looked into his eyes, letting him know that she was ready for him. He spread her legs open a little wider and entered her slowly. She was wet and she was tight which caused him to moan as he slid inside of her. Meryl wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes, adjusting herself to his size.
“Are you okay?” he whispered heavily on her ear. She nodded and kissed his cheek softly.
“Make love to me, please” she begged him and he smiled to himself. He never thought his dream woman, Meryl Streep, would ever be saying those words to him in real life. He slowly rocked in and out of her, gradually picking up the pace. They took each other out of this world, to places of ecstasy they had never been to before. They were oblivious to the raging storm just outside the hotel walls as he made love to her in every position he could think of. She came again and again, to his satisfaction, before he finally spilled inside of her, moaning her name over and over and collapsing on top of her with his face buried in her neck. He gently pulled himself out of her and pulled her on top of him, holding her tightly in his arms. She looked up at him, into his eyes and kissed him, already wanting to feel him inside of her again. It was the beginning of a long night, that one night that changed their lives and shaped their destinies. They made love a second time, and a third and a fourth, long into the night, the future uncertain but their passion as intense as the raging storm above them.

Part 5

Sorry for the long wait, I've been terribly busy! Enjoy and please leave comments!! <3

Weeks had gone by and it was finally time for the cast to fly out to Greece where they would begin shooting on location. Meryl was excited to arrive on the gorgeous island of Skopelos. It had been a few weeks since she had last seen the cast so she was anxious to be reunited with them again as they had already begun to grow close to one another. She hadn’t talked to Pierce very much after he had kissed her that night in London. Her mixed feelings of excitement and guilt made her head spin but nevertheless, she was most looking forward to seeing him again. She had gotten all checked in to the hotel where the cast was to stay for the summer. A few moments later she was met by a majority of the cast, but of course, Pierce was nowhere to be found. Is he late to everything? She was somewhat annoyed, but couldn’t help but smile thinking about the first day she met him when he was the last to show up.
After saying hello to everyone that had arrived, she went upstairs and was relaxing in her spacious room, thinking about her husband and her kids whom she missed already, when she was brought back to reality by a knock on her door. She had a gut feeling about who was standing outside and when she opened it, she discovered she was right. Pierce Brosnan looking ever so dapper in jeans and a light blue button up shirt, the top few buttons undone, stood in her doorway with a smile on his face that could melt the heart of even the coldest woman on earth. She rolled her eyes at him playfully and stepped aside to let him in. “I was starting to think you weren’t going to show up! Everyone got here before you! And you don’t have to smile at me like that to get me to let you in, I was going to anyways” she teased him and motioned for him to sit down in the living area of her room. “Make yourself at home.” Pierce was a little shocked that she had let him in that easily after what had happened in London, and he was very surprised that she had forgiven him so easily, but he wasn’t going to complain. Truthfully, he had missed her quite a bit even though it had only been a matter of weeks since they last saw each other. He sat down on the leather couch in the middle of the living area and felt his muscles relax instantly. He was tired from the long flight and the time change, and Meryl took notice of this. “You look like you need a nap” she giggled and sat across from him, watching his eyes as they struggled to stay open. “Yeah…” he mumbled and closed his eyes. She watched him and smiled to herself, getting up to get a blanket for him. “Take a nap and when you wake up you can take me out to eat” she smirked and threw a blanket into his lap, startling him as he was half asleep.
“Take you out to eat? When did I ever agree to that?” he asked, raising his eyebrow at her.
“You didn’t, but you don’t have a choice since I’m letting you sleep on my couch” she giggled and went to the bedroom, leaving him there with a smile on his face. So maybe she doesn’t hate me for kissing her then… he thought to himself with a smile as he drifted off to sleep.

He was awoken a few hours later by the sensation that he was being shaken around. At first he thought it was an earthquake, but as he woke up more he remembered he wasn’t in California anymore. He opened his eyes and saw Meryl standing above him. “What’s going on?” he asked sleepily and rubbed his eyes.
“I didn’t think you would sleep for this long! It’s almost 9pm and I’m starving to death!” she frowned and grabbed his arm, trying to pull him up. “Get your ass up!”
Pierce laughed and sat up, rubbing his eyes. “Okay, okay. I’m up. Are you ready?”
“I’ve been ready! Let’s go!” she pulled him up and hurried toward the door. In no time they were outside of the hotel and walking toward the small town that was nearby in search of a decent place to eat. Meryl dragged Pierce into a small Greek restaurant and she ate as if she hadn’t eaten in her entire life. In reality, she hadn’t eaten since that morning but it was still enough to give her a raging appetite. Pierce watched her as she made her food disappear in minutes. He was fascinated by her; she was so confident and uncaring of what others thought of her, which was something that was hard to find in a person anymore. With her, it seemed like she wasn’t putting on a show for him or faking anything.
“You weren’t lying when you said you were starving to death” he chuckled as she finished her last bite.
“No, I wasn’t! Now are you going to eat yours or do I have to?” Pierce laughed and shook his head as he pushed his plate to her.
“Go ahead and finish it. I wouldn’t want you to wither away into nothing” he rolled his eyes and laughed to himself. With both of their plates clean, thanks to a now full and satisfied Meryl, they decided to walk down to the beach, a place which would soon become a favorite of theirs. Pierce threw down his jacket for her to sit on and they sat in silence, watching small waves glide up the shore then retreat back into the Aegean Sea. Stars covered the night sky except for a few stray clouds, one of which was blocking the moon. Pierce was getting that feeling again; the same feeling he had that night in London that urged him to kiss Meryl. He didn’t understand why he kept feeling this way and he didn’t even know what it was, or maybe he did but didn’t want to admit it to himself. As bad as it sounded, when he was with her, he forgot that he was married with a wife and kids waiting for him at home. When he was with her, it was like they were the only two people on the planet. He didn’t want to feel this way though, because he knew she probably didn’t feel the same way too. But as she moved closer to him to rest her head on his shoulder and linked her arm with his, the cloud moved away from the moon and its light reached for the shore. Fate was on his side.


That One Night - Part 4

Hey everyone, here is part 4! I'm off on vacation for a few days so I will work on the next part when I return! Happy reading! xx

Pierce was feeling on top of the world when he entered his room that night. He had kissed her, and she had kissed him back. He was surprised that she did, but he was happy that she did. He tried not to let guilt enter his mind but it always had a funny way of intruding no matter what. He had a wife and kids at home; they would be devastated if they ever found out what he was doing. He shook his head as he sat on the edge of his bed and sighed. Maybe it wasn’t that drastic. It was only a kiss, right? He knew that wasn’t true. It may have been just a kiss that night but he knew that he wanted more. He needed more. She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever met. Those lips… he closed his eyes remembering the taste, savoring it. Yes, he needed more and he couldn’t stop himself from believing otherwise. He was smitten with her. Maybe she was with him too. Hopefully she didn’t hate him for kissing her. She couldn’t, right? She didn’t yell or push me away… His mind raced at light speed and he decided a scotch and a good night’s sleep would put his mind to rest. Worry about it later. As he lay down to sleep, she was, again, the last thing he thought of as she had been since the day they first met a few weeks ago.
Meryl woke up the next morning wondering if it had all been a crazy dream. Pierce taking her out, dancing with her, kissing her… But then she turned and looked next to her and lying beside her on the bed was his blazer. So it really happened…? Her mind pondered and she picked up the blazer and smelled it. It smelled like him. Like heaven. She giggled to herself and set it back down on the bed. What was she doing? She was acting like a schoolgirl with a crush. Maybe that’s what it was. Maybe she had a crush on him and she would soon get over it, but she had a small distant feeling that this probably would not be the case. The guilt started to come back as she thought about the kiss again. She thought she had better call Don and check on him; tell him she loved and missed him; an action mostly motivated by the guilt terrorizing her conscious. He answered immediately and told her how much he had been missing her and she smiled at this. Her Don. He was always so loving and caring like this. She had the best husband in the world, so how could she have let Pierce kiss her… Not now. Meryl snapped herself out of it and chatted with her husband for a few minutes. They talked about their children and Meryl asked how they were doing. She missed them more than anything but was relieved to know that she would have a few weeks back at home with her family before flying on location to shoot the film. She told him she loved him and they ended the call feeling better after hearing each other’s voices. Talking to Don always calmed her down and she definitely needed that right now. She didn’t want to get out of bed and face Pierce today. What if he tries something again?... What if I let him? Meryl sighed and forced herself to get up and out of bed and get ready for another long day of choreography.
Pierce, on the other hand, woke up still feeling on top of the world that morning. He was satisfied with the way he left things with Meryl last night and he was sure he had surprised her, hopefully in a good way. However, guilt was quick to return but thinking about Meryl seemed to drown out the guilt that was shouting at him in the back of his head. He couldn’t wait to see her again today. He quickly got himself out of bed, got himself ready and headed out the door to the studio for another hard day of work. He was the first to arrive out of the two of them and he was a little disappointed when Meryl was missing from the crowd. Great. Maybe I’ve scared her off. Good going Brosnan, you couldn’t keep your lips to yourself; now look what you’ve done. He sighed and prayed that she would show up, and his prayers were answered. Meryl arrived just in time and the dancing began. She avoided eye contact with him for most of the day, which was extremely difficult as they were partners again and she could feel his blue eyes burning into her skin. Pierce was saddened by this. He felt as though he may have ruined the great friendship they had created and he was kicking himself on the inside for it. He needed to talk to her and soon; alone. When they were done for the day, Pierce waited outside by the door for Meryl to come out and he pulled her aside to talk. “Hey, are you okay? You’ve hardly spoken a word all day… well, to me at least…” The sadness was evident by the look in his eyes and Meryl felt bad for punishing him all day. She shouldn’t act cold toward him. After all, she had kissed him back.
“Hey… I know. I’m sorry. I’m just overwhelmed by this” she emphasized by motioning her hands to indicate “this” meant them and their friendship. “I don’t know what this is… that kiss…” she sighed and looked into his eyes for the first time all day.
Pierce shook his head and rubbed his forehead feeling frustrated with himself. “Look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, I’m stupid. I shouldn’t have kissed you. It was wrong of me and very unprofessional and I’m sorry. I don’t want this to ruin our friendship, especially before we’ve even started filming this movie” he sighed and looked at her, desperation in his eyes. She suddenly felt sorry for making him feel like this. He didn’t deserve it. Or did he? He made a move on a married woman... But the married woman welcomed it. They were both at fault and she knew that.
“Pierce, it’s okay” she placed her hand on his arm to comfort him. “It isn’t just your fault. We’re both to blame. I didn’t stop you and I should have. We can just forget about it, okay?” she smiled but deep down she knew this was something she couldn’t erase from her memory. Pierce put on a smile, not fully genuine but he was an actor so it would look it. The truth was, he didn’t want to forget about it. He kissed her and it had taken a lot of courage for him to do it. He didn’t kiss her just for the hell of it either, he kissed her because he… Because what, Pierce? You don’t even know. His mind taunted him and he blocked his thoughts out. He didn’t know why he kissed her, but he did know that he would do it over and over again. He knew one kiss wasn’t enough. He knew that he wanted more. He knew that he found her incredibly… Incredible. Amazing. Beautiful. He had made a move and he wasn’t going to let her forget about it so easily. He would give her a little space, but he hoped and prayed that they would have another moment like that kiss, and maybe next time, she wouldn’t want to forget about it.

That One Night - Part 3

Hey everyone! I love hearing your feedback, thank you to everyone that has commented and to everyone who is reading and enjoying my story! Love you all! Here's chapter 3, hope you guys like it! xx

The next couple of days consisted of the cast recording the soundtrack in the sound studio. Pierce was not thrilled about it at all. He felt small, like an ant looking up to the top of a skyscraper. He was afraid; afraid of embarrassment, of failure, and more importantly, of looking like a fool in front of Meryl Streep. Luckily he had Colin and Stellan to help him through the long days of recording and stress, both of whom were equally frightened of the microphone and the sounds of their own voices. If recording the music wasn’t bad enough, choreography sessions were being held the following week, and they were brutal. Learning the steps and doing them over and over and over again all day and night made everyone tired and sometimes irritable, but Pierce’s mood stayed up thanks to his lovely dance partner. Meryl was thrilled about the dancing, she was always the type of person who was confident in herself and never afraid to look foolish, and it helped that she had past experience and training. When she learned that Pierce was to be her partner throughout the sessions, she was both amused and nervous about it. James Bond dancing and prancing around was going to be a sight to see for sure, but she couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated when those blue eyes of his were looking into hers. Pierce was prepared for the fact that he was going to make a fool of himself when the lesson was underway and Meryl was getting a laugh out of it. He hopped around and made silly faces at her to make her laugh, or at least that’s what she thought he was trying to do. However, it turned out he wasn’t joking around at all. “Don’t laugh at me, I’m trying my best! I’m not perfect like you!” he rested his hands on his knees, out of breath as the director of choreography called for a 15 minute break. She couldn’t help but giggle at him.
“Don’t be such a baby, you’re doing fine” she laughed again and sat down with the rest of the cast. “Besides, it’s not my fault you’re out of shape.” She arched her eyebrow at him. Teasing him was just too fun and he made it way too easy.
“Out of shape? I’m not out of shape!” he rolled his eyes and stood behind her. Meryl laughed that infectious laugh he had grown to love so much over the past few weeks and reached back to rub his stomach. He instantly started to flex his stomach muscles in the hopes that rock hard abs would magically appear, but his efforts failed him as Meryl giggled and looked over her shoulder at him.
“Mr. Brosnan, flexing is not going to fool or impress me” she turned back around smiling to herself and he could feel his face burning as it turned red. Damn her. How did she have this affect on him? He never felt embarrassed or shy around women, not ever, nor did he ever feel the need to impress one as much as he wanted to impress her. She was different, and he liked it.
Choreography continued and Pierce made a fool of himself again, but he didn’t mind so much. He was too preoccupied watching Meryl dance like a professional. Not a step out of place, not a beat behind, the way she moved sent chills through his body. She really was perfect. Meryl was having the time of her life, she hadn’t felt this young in a long time and she was loving every second of it. After a few more long hours of intense dancing, the choreographer called it quits for everyone for the evening. Thank God too; Pierce didn’t think he could handle much more of this in one day. He was tired and wanted nothing more but to go to his hotel room and sleep for a week, but something in him told him no. His eyes found Meryl across the room talking with the directors and his heart fluttered. He was dead tired but he wanted to spend time with her. Shakily he approached her and rubbed the back of his neck. “So umm... I know you’re probably tired after all of this but uh… do you want to go get something to eat or… something…?” he laughed nervously, feeling like a huge idiot, though he was pleasantly surprised by her answer.
“Sure, I’d love to” she smiled at him. “But we should probably clean ourselves up first or we’ll scare the whole town away” she giggled and he smiled at her humor.
“Right, I’ll meet you at your hotel in an hour?”
She nodded as she picked up her bag and headed for the door. “Can’t wait.”

Pierce rushed to clean himself up the moment he stepped into his room. He wanted to impress her. He stepped into the bathroom to turn on the shower and looked into the mirror at himself. He was a sweaty mess, his hair was all over the place, and stubble was starting to find its way onto his face. He shook his head; he had a lot of work to do in so little time. Meanwhile, Meryl was in her room getting ready. She took a quick bath, pulling her hair up as not to mess it up, there was no time to pretty it all up again. She got out and searched for something to wear. She wasn’t sure if she should dress fancy or casual. She finally decided on a light pink summer dress and matching heels. Not too fancy but not completely casual. Pierce had taken care of his shower, shaved his face and dabbed on some aftershave, and threw on a crisp white button up shirt and jeans with a black Armani blazer. He looked at his watch. 5 minutes until he was supposed to meet her. He walked out of his room and to the elevator. Her room was 3 stories higher than his. He became impatient waiting in the elevator to arrive at her floor. All he wanted to do was see her. Finally the doors opened and he walked down the hallway to her door. He knocked lightly and she answered just seconds later. He couldn’t believe his eyes when she walked out of her room. Her dress, her eyes… everything. She was amazing, gorgeous, beautiful. No amount of words could describe just how amazing she looked in his eyes. Meryl looked at him from head to toe. He cleaned up very nicely, and the top buttons of his shirt undone like that was sexy. She scolded herself on the inside, she shouldn’t be thinking another man is sexy, but he just was, and she was sure thousands of other women would agree with her. Pierce took her hand and kissed it softly. “You look beautiful” he winked at her and she nearly melted in his hand.
“And you look very handsome” she giggled and walked with him to the elevator down to the lobby and into a cab. They arrived at a small pub on the quiet side of London. Neither of them felt like going somewhere crowded where they would be recognized by fans, or even worse: paparazzi. They were the only ones there besides an older gentleman and a younger couple. They sat in a small booth in the corner of the pub and they ordered pizza and a few beers, nothing fancy.
“So you pretty much kicked my ass today at the choreography” he laughed and shook his head. “How the hell do you do it?”
“Well, for one, you have to be in shape” she giggled as he pouted and made a sad face at her.
“You’re not very nice to me” he frowned and couldn’t help but let a small smile form on his lips. “You know, I’m actually a pretty good dancer.”
Meryl nearly choked on her beer from laughing so hard. “You? A good dancer? After what I saw today?” she teased.
“Ha ha, very funny! Not everything is work and choreography Ms. Streep” he smirked and stood up, offering his hand to her. “May I have this dance?” he smiled and nodded his head toward the small open space near the jukebox in the back of the pub. She looked down at his hand and up into his eyes. She took his hand and he guided her to the open space and began slow dancing with her, his hand holding hers and the other resting on her lower back. They moved slowly as one to the songs playing in the background. Meryl was impressed. After seeing his dancing earlier she hadn’t expected much but he was right. He was a damn good dancer when it came to this kind of stuff. He was a romantic for sure. “So was I right? Or was I right?” he smirked and she giggled at his cockiness.
“Okay, okay. I was wrong” she smiled and looked up into his eyes, his gorgeous eyes. And God, the smell of his aftershave was to die for. He was as irresistible as women around the world claim. She was in a trance, and so was he. They danced for what seemed like hours. He held her closer and hummed to the tune of the songs playing. It was relaxing to her. She rested her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. So this must be what it feels like to be Mrs. Brosnan… what a lucky bitch. She sighed; she could stay like this forever. The way he moved with her and the music… it was all so calming, and after the long day they had, she felt like she could fall asleep in his arms. The beer wasn’t helping either. Pierce noticed her sleepiness and stopped their slow swaying.
“You look tired” he smiled looking down at her. “I think we should get you back to your room.” She nodded her head and allowed him to guide her out of the pub; she was too tired to argue. Darkness had settled on London and with the darkness came cold air. She was shivering in just her summer dress as they walked along the sidewalk toward the hotel. Pierce, ever the gentleman, peeled off his blazer and carefully put it over her shoulders in the hopes that it would keep her warm for the rest of their walk. She smiled at this gesture. No one had done something like this for her in a long, long time, not even her husband in recent memory.
They walked in silence, just enjoying the company of each other and Pierce was a little disappointed once they arrived at the hotel. He didn’t want to say goodbye, he could spend every minute of every day with her. They took the elevator up to her floor and Pierce stood leaning against the wall next to her as she fished for her room key out of her purse. She finally found it and opened the door slightly before turning to look at Pierce. “Thank you for tonight... It was really amazing, I had a great time like I always do with you” she smiled. Pierce nodded and smiled to himself.
“I had a great time too”. And there they were again, his eyes staring straight into hers. It felt to her as though he could read her just by looking at her like that. His eyes were, ironically, piercing. She looked down at her feet and started to take his blazer off to give it back to him but he stopped her abruptly. “No, please, keep it. Don’t worry about it”. She looked up at him again and smiled. Pierce Brosnan, giving her his own jacket. Holy shit.
“Thank you, Pierce. Good night” she was about to turn to walk inside of her room but she was frozen in her tracks as she saw him stepping closer to her, his face just millimeters apart from her own. And that’s when it happened. She felt his lips on hers and she didn’t know what to think. She couldn’t think at all at the moment, all she could think about was the feel of his lips on her own and how much she liked it. She kissed him back and it wasn't a short kiss but a lingering one. Unfortunately for her, a little bugger called guilt began to creep into the back of her mind. She was half relieved and half disappointed when he pulled away.
“Good night, Mary Lou” he kissed her on the cheek and left with a wink. She bit her lip and stared after him. Meryl hadn’t expected that at all, and as she walked into her room and laid down in her bed, she couldn’t even believe it had happened. Why? What did this mean? How do I handle this? Is it bad that I liked it? Am I allowed to like something like that? Is this considered cheating? Holy shit, Don! How could I have done this? What is happening? The questions and thoughts ran through her mind at a remarkable speed and she couldn’t keep up. She tried to block out her mind, and conscience for that matter, and closed her eyes. Sleep would be the best option right now, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the feel of his lips on hers, and how it had felt so wrong, but oh so right.

That One Night - Part 2

  It was a rainy day in London, which was expected because, well, it was London. Rain poured down onto the streets as Pierce stood outside trying to flag down a cab for the two of them. He finally caught the attention of a driver and they quickly rushed into the back seat away from the drenched world outside, he of course letting her in first. He was taking her to a small coffee shop, a favorite of his which he visits often on his trips to London. She wasn’t sure of what to think at the moment, sitting in the back seat of a cab with him in silence. She had only just met him that morning, but there was something about him, something that drew her in. He wanted to say something, to break the awkward silence but he couldn’t find any words. He was in cab with Meryl Streep, taking her for coffee and he was nervous as hell. Get it together Brosnan, you’ve taken beautiful women out before… but not anyone like her. He was never very good at giving himself pep talks.

    Fortunately for the both of them, the cab ride there wasn’t long and soon they were sitting at a small table in the corner of the cozy, warm shop. The atmosphere between them became more comfortable now that they weren’t crammed into the back of a wet cab together. He bought her a latte and they talked. He apologized for showing up late again; he told her how he almost didn’t show up because he was so scared of doing something like this. Musicals were something he’d never done before and previously thought he never would. They told each other about their lives, every detail. She told him about her family, her children, her past loves and he told her about his. They made an instant connection and found common ground with another as they both revealed to each other that they had lost a loved one to cancer, Meryl; her fiancé John and Pierce; his wife Cassandra. It was an emotional conversation for them both. Neither of them had ever had a person to really open up to on this subject, no one truly understood, not even their spouses but they understood each other because they had both lived through it and suffered the pain of loss. He spoke to her about the pain he still felt and the void in his heart, and she listened as she watched his beautiful eyes fill with pain and heartbreak. James Bond was vulnerable, and that was a picture she could never erase from her mind. The subject soon changed to lighter topics. He was making her laugh; he grew to love the sound of her infectious laugh. He hated to see her upset talking about her past tragedy.

  The rain had stopped but the clouds had stayed. They walked side by side down the street together, as he promised he would walk her to her hotel. They no longer felt like strangers; it felt like they had known each other for years. Meryl scolded herself for judging him before she got to know him. He was very charming and perhaps one of the nicest people she had ever met. They arrived at her hotel and he walked her all the way up to her floor. He stood leaning against the wall, watching her as she fished for her room key inside of her purse.

  “You know, I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember. You’re absolutely stunning. I’m only here because I want to work with you,” he rubbed the back of his neck as his face turned bright red. “I just needed to get that off my chest.” She looked up at him, into those blue eyes and smiled.

  “You’re not so bad yourself, Bond” she winked at him and opened the door to her room. Before she could walk inside he took her hand in his own and kissed it softly. “See you tomorrow, Pierce" she flashed him a smile, one that made him go weak in the knees.

  “See ya, Mary Lou”. He leaned forward and took her by surprise by planting a kiss on her cheek before walking off, leaving her there with butterflies floating in her stomach. He walked down the corridor to the elevator, replaying everything in his mind; meeting her, taking her for coffee, walking her to her hotel. He couldn’t believe it. The woman he always had a thing for was now a friend, his co-star. But he felt something more. They already had a deep connection, he could feel it. Maybe it was just him, or maybe she felt it too. He didn’t know. But he did know that later that evening, she was last person he thought of before drifting off to sleep, and images of a blond haired woman and the sound of her laugh flooded his dreams.

That One Night - Part 1

    Moments; life is full of them. Good, bad, happy, sad - you name it. Life is full of it. From growing up to landing that career you’ve always wanted, from getting married to the love of your life to having children. These are the moments that define us. She had experienced these moments in her life. She’d grown up, she had become a highly successful actress, she’d married her love and she’d had four beautiful children. However, being Meryl Streep, she probably experienced more of these defining moments than the average person. After all, she was dubbed the greatest actress of our time, a role model to thousands, even millions. Not everyone has been nominated for 17 Academy Awards and won 3, not everyone has had the fortune of living the kind of life she has. But she is still similar to everyone else. She has had defining moments. They had changed her life, for better or for worse. Some of them, most of them, came unexpectedly. But one moment in particular she did not expect at all. It hit her and it hit her hard. She never saw it coming. Moments, choices, decisions; they all lead somewhere. In the summer of 2007, they led her to trouble and chaos, lies and betrayal. But most importantly, they led her to the one thing in life that everyone needs and thrives on, something that can’t be lived without. Love.

April 2007

    The time had come, it was nearly here. Just a few more weeks and she would be flying off to London to officially start her new project, a lead role in a movie adaptation of a popular Broadway musical. She had been excited for this since the day her agent had called her and informed her that they wanted her. Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, the two men who had started it all had wanted her. Judy Cramer, the woman who produced the worldwide hit had wanted her. Phyllida Lloyd, making her debut as a director had wanted her. Her. She couldn’t believe these people thought this highly of her to trust her in making this movie a hit. She had loved the stage play since the first time she saw it in 2001 with her daughters. She had loved it so much that she wrote a letter to the producers. She never knew that one letter would open this kind of door for her. Singing? She’d done it several times before and it wouldn’t be a problem for her. Dancing? She was in pretty good shape and was sure she could catch on quickly. She couldn’t wait to meet her fellow cast members. Julie Walters, Christine Baranski, Dominic Cooper, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Pierce Brosnan. It was a casting director’s dream. Mamma Mia! The Movie was sure to be a great experience.


    Meeting the cast was exciting. She was first to arrive at the studio where they would be reading the script and recording tracks for the film. She met her colleagues one by one. Julie, Christine, Colin, Amanda, Stellan, Dominic, Benny, Bjorn, Judy and Phyllida. They gushed over each other and everyone clicked instantly, but someone was missing. He was late and the last to arrive and she could see the embarrassment on his face as he greeted and apologized to everyone. She wasn’t sure what to think of him. He was highly attractive and he was James Bond, but that would probably mean he was arrogant like Ian Fleming’s character. The fact that he was late wasn’t a good sign in her book. What kind of a professional was he? Showing up late to something like this was something she wouldn’t even think of doing. These thoughts ran through her head as he shook hands with everyone and finally approached her last. She was taken away from her thoughts and greeted by deep blue eyes looking into her own. He took her by surprise when he carefully took her hand in his own and placed a kiss on it, his eyes never leaving contact with hers.
    “I’m terribly sorry to keep you waiting. It’s nice to finally meet you, Ms. Streep,” he spoke to her, a hint of Irish accent in his voice. More thoughts ran through her head. Maybe she was stupid to judge him so quickly before he even walked through the door. He seemed nice enough, like a true gentleman. The smell of his cologne was intoxicating. And those eyes…..

    He was scared to death, shaking in his boots. He felt like an outcast in this group of people. James Bond would be the last person on earth to ever sing in a musical, what was he doing here? And then he remembered as he nervously walked toward her to meet her for the first time. Her. That’s why he was here. He had always been a fan of hers, he fancied her as a young boy (and still did) and when the opportunity to work with her presented itself, he snatched it up without a second thought, let alone a first. Singing was something he would have to do if he wanted to work with her, and he was alright with that no matter how scared he was. He felt stupid for being late; he knew this wouldn’t make a good impression on anyone, especially Meryl Streep. He knew he needed to make up for it somehow, maybe ask her to dinner or something later.

    The script reading was a laugh for everyone. They had fun with it and were ultimately excited to be reading it for the first time and get a better idea of who their characters were. He was sat across from her, and could barely stop himself from staring at her the whole time. He couldn’t believe she was sitting right across the table from him; this was something he had only ever dreamed of. She looked up from her script from time to time and would catch him looking at her. Those blue eyes again, staring. It felt as though he was looking straight into her soul each time their eyes met. The picture of those blue eyes were in her mind throughout the rest of the reading, until she was faced with them yet again, staring straight into her own eyes. She was so distracted by them that she almost didn’t hear him nervously ask her to go for coffee with him. And that was how it began.

Apr. 8th, 2010

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